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Pet Waste Stations

We offer a Pet Waste Station management program that makes life a bit less messy for your community. Whether you are just trying to find out if Pet Waste Stations might be beneficial to your community or trying to find a new way to maintain them, we are here to help. We can create proposals to help determine where they will be most beneficial. We can place them for you. We can replace bags, as well as changing dirty bags.

Apartment Complexes

One of the largest complaints of pet friendly apartment living is pet waste left by irresponsible owners.

Set your community apart and increase your curb appeal with plush green spaces where children and dogs can play safely. Call today for a free presentation and price quote.

Home Owners Associations

When many think of their ideal neighborhood to settle down to raise a family, a picture pops into their head. White picket fences, beautiful home, big yard to play in and long strolls down peaceful sidewalks with the family. We are doing our part to help keep that American dream a reality. Keep your sidewalks and shared green spaces clean and safe for the whole neighborhood. 

Call today for a free presentation and price quote. All members of an HOA using Operation: Doggie Doody services will also recieve a discount on weekly services.

Dog Parks and Shared Green Spaces

 All of these spaces should be regularly cleaned and waste removed. For a small fee, you can be poop free! 

Community Safety and Accountability

Contrary to popular belief, dog waste DOES NOT make good fertilizer! Dog waste contains high levels of bacteria, especially salmonella, and potential parasites that can be dangerous to other dogs, humans and our environment.

Many of our streams, rivers and waterways have been overwhelmed by bacteria due to irresponsible management of pet waste.

We are here to make a difference and educate community members on the importance of picking up after their pets. 

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